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Sage Insights: Market Observations As Summer Ends

Most major asset classes posted positive returns during the year’s first seven months, and investors enjoyed a respite. This momentum eased, however, in August as higher interest rates prompted concerns about the economy’s health. In this edition of Insights, we take a closer look at recent market performance and discuss the concerns in the market, | Read More +

Sage Insights: A Mid-Summer Look at the Markets, Inflation & Earnings Season

July was a continuation of the markets’ positive trajectory during the first half of the year. Financial markets extended their 2023 ascent last month, supported by inflation easing to the slowest year-over-year rate in more than two years. While the Federal Reserve raised rates to the highest level in 22 years, strong consumer confidence and | Read More +

Sage Insights: March Madness in the Banking Sector

The month of March began with investors anticipating substantial policy actions from the Federal Reserve due to its increased focus on inflation. However, this swiftly changed as U.S. and global regulators stepped in to provide stabilizing intervention at five banks. Looking toward April, while risks remain, we are cautiously optimistic regarding the actions by regulators | Read More +