“Wealth and financial stability shape our quality of life and the legacies we build. But they are not made to order. They need to be curated and tuned to the individual. We work one-on-one with our clients so that the investment management and financial planning advice we offer is guided by each client’s unique goals and priorities.”

John Sion, CFP®

Executive Wealth Manager, Principal | BIO +

Coordinated. Integrated. Effective.

Sage offers a select suite of family office services.

Our services include:

  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Trusts and Estates Counsel
  • Tax Review and Planning
  • Private Investments
  • Real Estate Investment Consulting
  • Surviving Spouse Support
  • Personal Insurance Planning

Our services are fully integrated with each other, well-coordinated, and efficient. The result is a uniquely comprehensive and sophisticated experience designed to simplify our clients’ lives by seeking to reduce redundancy, uncover opportunities, and save them time and money.

We empower our clients to focus on what matters most — family, career, well-being, and creating a legacy — while we take care of the financial details.

Our Services

Investment Management

Like many experienced investors, we rely on diversification to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

  • Our portfolios contain a range of different asset classes so that the outperformance of certain assets has the potential to balance the periodic underperformance of others.
  • We regularly rebalance portfolios and make tactical decisions about asset allocation in response to the economic environment and to save on taxes.
  • While we are mindful of benchmarks and very proud of the results we deliver, we do not chase returns or try to time the markets. We believe the most meaningful measures of performance are how well we are helping our clients accomplish their objectives and how confident they feel about the relationship we have built.


Sage Private Funds

In addition to keeping portfolios strategically on course, we also think outside the box. It is one of the many privileges of being independent. We can imagine new and different investment opportunities and then create them.

Since 2001, Sage has been offering qualified clients access to unique private investments. To date, we have constructed eleven private real estate and private equity funds. These unique investments provide qualified investors further diversification, access to opportunities not publicly available, and the potential for above average returns.

Legacy investment funds have included positions in a national discount retail chain which went public, student housing apartments, senior housing communities, emerging neighborhoods, and a regional bank.

Financial Planning

Wealth is about much more than money.

Wealth provides the opportunity to maintain a desired quality of life, pursue personal passions, provide for family, and protect values.

One of the first things we ask our clients is: “What do you want your wealth to do for you?”

The answer to this question may change over time. Still, at every stage we make sure a solid strategic plan guides our clients—one designed in concert with trusted advisers who know them well, understand their goals and aspirations, and are 100% committed to keeping their plans on track.

Our financial plans are customized and robust. They reflect our diverse expertise as wealth managers, accountants, business owners, and estate attorneys. We ask the right questions, evaluate the opportunities, and interpret the financial analyses. When everything is in place, we are accountable to guide our clients through implementation.

Family Office Services

Truly effective financial planning requires a lifetime of well-informed decisions.

We seek to help our clients balance all of life’s financial challenges. We know their financial situations nearly as well as they do, but we bring an objective, third-party perspective so decisions are not made based on emotions. Our suite of family office services is designed to save clients time and money, as does our commitment to being proactive and thorough. Specifically:

  • We regularly review our clients’ existing strategies to make sure they are, in our view, the most appropriate ones for their situations and goals, paying close attention to optimizing for effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
  • We partner with other professional advisors—such as accountants, legal, and insurance professionals—to keep our clients’ financial lives appropriately coordinated and closely monitored.
  • We organize, simplify, and follow-through.

All of our services are fully integrated with our traditional investment management and financial planning work so that we are prepared to act as our clients’ chief wealth adviser.

Trusts and Estates

Your wealth may outlive you. An estate plan helps ensure that it is protected and enjoyed exactly as you envision.

An estate plan is an important piece of a well-thought-out wealth strategy. It is designed to protect you and your assets during your lifetime and establish a clear plan for how your wealth will be shared. Our trusts and estates service is designed to help make sure interested clients have a plan in place that seeks to minimize taxes for their beneficiaries and ensure they have a say in how their wealth is distributed.

Our in-house counsel can work with interested clients to review, revise, and, as appropriate, draft estate plans that reflect their wishes and take advantage of the most current federal rules.

Our service is comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Estate planning is an ongoing process and should be reviewed and updated as family and financial situations change over time. With the expertise in-house, we believe we are well-positioned to help our clients protect their wealth proactively.