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98% Sage Financial
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Sage never pays a fee for any ranking or recognition.

Our client retention rate is calculated annually and based on a one-year time period. We adjust this number when the change in either direction is equal to or greater than 2%. Our team member retention rate is calculated annually and reflects the average of a five-year time period. We adjust this number when the change in either direction is equal to or greater than 2%.

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98% client retention. 100% committed to exceeding expectations.

Our mission is to help you make smart decisions in all areas of your financial life so that you can feel confident and have peace of mind about your ability to achieve your goals.

In 1989 David, Alan, and Stephen Cohn broke with convention and founded Sage Financial Group as an independent registered investment adviser.1 Their goal was to provide individual investors with advice they could trust. Our advice is based on what we believe is in each client’s best interest. It is objective, proactive, and fee-only. 

Unlike some large banks and brokerage firms, Sage does not receive any commissions, and our recommendations are not mandated by a parent company. Our focus is on building long-term relationships, not selling products. We are proud of our 98% client retention rate.

Today we manage over $2.7 billion in assets and serve more than 600 individuals and their families. We aim to anticipate our clients’ needs and provide them with highly professional, personalized service that combines thoughtful, holistic management of their investment portfolios, rigorous financial planning, and access to a suite of select family office services.

The result is a unique experience that empowers our clients to spend more time on what matters most to them— family, financial stability, well-being, and leaving a legacy.

Our clients may enjoy:

  • Dedicated attention
  • Professional, credentialed guidance
  • Concierge-level service
  • Peace of mind

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It’s personal.

The approach we take for each client is highly personal, because no two clients have the same goals or circumstances.

It is also rigorous and thorough.

Wealth for our clients is about much more than money. Wealth is a tool, a hard-earned one that they continuously work on, guard carefully, and consider very valuable. It provides them with the ability to live a life shaped by their unique passions and values.

  • We invest a lot of time in getting to know our clients’ interests, goals, values, and worries.
  • Our team of highly credentialed, experienced professionals work collaboratively and advise clients in the way each one chooses to be advised.
  • We keep our clients well-informed, prepared to succeed with in-house, specialty expertise, and original thought leadership.