Mary Lieberman

Administrative Operations Manager

Mary Lieberman, Administrative Operations Manager at Sage Financial Group. Headshot photograph of Mary Lieberman smiling and looking directly at the camera, wearing professional attire.

Mary keeps Sage coordinated and running smoothly. She oversees all aspects of the office administration including scheduling, helping with the onboarding of new clients, and managing our contact database. Her regular interaction with clients adds an extra layer of personalization to their experience. She also supports many of the client-service-related initiatives and our Trusts and Estates offering.

Mary joined Sage in 2014. Before that, she worked as a dental assistant for a private practice in Hatfield. Mary attended Abington Nursing School.

What inspires you about your job?
I am motivated by the opportunity I have at Sage to make every client experience an exceptional one. And I am proud of the personal connection I have been able to forge with so many of our clients.

What particular qualities do you contribute to the Sage team and the client experience?
I love talking with people and getting to know about their lives. I am very organized and I like to help make the business of each day easier for others.