Benjamin Alimansky, MBA

Strategic Investment Consultant

Benjamin Alimansky, MBA, Strategic Investment Consultant at Sage Financial Group. Headshot photograph of Benjamin Alimansky, MBA smiling and looking directly at the camera, wearing professional attire.

As a consultant, Ben provides strategic support to Sage’s Investment Division. Leveraging his 25 years of investment leadership experience, Ben focuses on advice regarding the firm’s investment evaluation process, asset allocation, and assisting with special projects. He adds an additional level of independent, objective expertise to our in-house team and helps diversify and complement our perspective.

Ben also serves as the Director of a large single-family office. He spent 11 years as a Managing Director at Glenmede and has worked for Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and several hedge funds.

Ben graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.B.A in Finance and Venture Capital. He lives in Haverford with his family and enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and exploring different parts of the United States by small plane (he is a private pilot).

Why are you in investment management?

I enjoy the complexity of the financial markets and working with clients to help give them confidence in investing over the long term.

What particular qualities do you have that contribute to the Sage team and the client experience? 

I draw on my broad asset class experience to help evaluate the investment opportunities Sage offers clients.  In addition, I have a significant background in the technical aspects of investing, such as building repeatable investment processes and using quantitative techniques to help identify investment funds that may outperform over the long term.