Insights: COVID-19 Uncertainties Rattle Investors and Fuel Psychological and Market Volatility

To download a printable version, click here. Overview In February, major stock indices dropped sharply, and core bond indices rose largely due to heightened worries about the global economic implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19; however, the U.S. presidential primaries also played a part. Equity markets seemed to respond more skittishly to wins by Senator Sanders | Read More +

Our Perspective: On Yesterday’s Market Sell-Off and Coronavirus

Yesterday, global stock markets fell sharply. The Dow, for instance, was down 3.56%, and the S&P 500 Index dropped 3.35%.  We would like to briefly address the reasons and share some of our immediate thoughts about portfolio positioning. The most frequently cited culprit for the sell-off was the heightened concern that emerged over the weekend | Read More +

Insights: U.S. Stocks Rebound in September on Hopes of Boost from Monetary and Trade Policy

For a printable version, click here. Overview In September, U.S. and foreign stocks climbed, domestic core bonds declined, and emerging market bond performance was mixed. These asset class returns reflect a prevailing hope that central bank policy would help to stabilize global growth and that there might be an improvement in global trade relations when | Read More +

Our Perspective: On the Trade Dispute Between the U.S. and China

In view of recent developments, we want to provide an update on trade negotiations between the U.S. and China. What Has Happened? The disagreement in trade policy and practice between the two global economic giants had recently occupied a calmer plane. But tensions resurfaced last week when the U.S. announced that it would increase tariffs | Read More +

Insights: S&P 500 Notches New All-Time High Amid Patient Fed and Strong Economic Growth

To print, click here. Overview In April, domestic and foreign stocks and bonds climbed yet again. The monthly return for the S&P 500, for instance, was a sharply higher 4.05%, and non-U.S. stocks in the MSCI ACWI ex-USA gained 2.64%.  U.S. bond prices were largely flat on modest yield movement so that, for instance, the | Read More +

Sage Recognized By Barron’s and The Philadelphia Business Journal

We are proud to share with you the news that Sage has once again been recognized as a leading wealth management firm by both Barron’s and the Philadelphia Business Journal. While we are honored by these recognitions, our number one priority, and what we are most proud of, is our clients’ satisfaction, which is reflected by our 98% | Read More +