Our Perspective: An Update on Elections and the Markets

As we await the official election results, we want to share our perspective on how potential outcomes are impacting financial markets now, and in the future. Presidential Election While control of the House and Senate has become more apparent, the presidential election’s outcome remains uncertain, and votes continue to be counted in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, | Read More +

Insights: COVID Developments, the U.S. Presidential Election, and Fiscal Stimulus

Global equity markets moved higher across the board in November as clarity emerged around the U.S. presidential election results, and three companies shared positive data from COVID vaccine trials. During the month of November, the MSCI ACWI Index, which represents global equities (i.e., both U.S. and international stocks), has risen 11.8%, while the MSCI ACWI | Read More +

Our Perspective: Elections and the Markets

On the eve of the U.S. election, we want to share our perspective on potential effects the elections may have on the markets and your investment portfolios. As we have noted periodically over the past several months, heightened volatility is normal around key elections because markets dislike uncertainty. This year, we also are contending with | Read More +