An Update On The Markets and The Response to COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, we want to encourage an open dialogue with our clients and communicate our thoughts on the ever-changing market environment on a regular basis.  It can be challenging to understand market moves in times like these when health-related matters and the economic issues are changing at such a rapid pace. Financial markets | Read More +

The Continuing Response to COVID-19

We are all eager for information and useful advice during this unusual and volatile time. While current events are unprecedented, Sage has experience navigating worrisome markets and investor uncertainty, and we will continue to send more regular communications as long as it is appropriate. Markets spiked higher yesterday, with the S&P 500 Index advancing 9.38% | Read More +

Our Perspective: Second Update On The Effects Of COVID-19

After a long week of market volatility and an avalanche of news from every angle, we want to provide some information and perspective on a few of the most important developments. The COVID-19 pandemic has extensive economic implications, but it is, first and foremost, a healthcare and humanitarian problem.  Daily life has changed as we | Read More +

Insights: COVID-19 Uncertainties Rattle Investors and Fuel Psychological and Market Volatility

Download a printable version. Overview In February, major stock indices dropped sharply, and core bond indices rose largely due to heightened worries about the global economic implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19; however, the U.S. presidential primaries also played a part. Equity markets seemed to respond more skittishly to wins by Senator Sanders than by former | Read More +